Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Distance Mover Subscriptions 2013 (Issues 7 through 12)

I'm taking subscriptions again for my comic book Distance Mover. Distance Mover is a serial and it's important to read each issue to get the full story. Subscribing will ensure that you can read each issue as soon as it's released and will help me to continue to make new issues.  Issue #7 introduces a new story arc that will be serialized in issues #7-12. Subscribers will receive all six issues and enjoy the full story from start to finish.

The issues will be released and begin shipping on the following dates:

Issue #7 - Wednesday, January 9th 2013
Issue #8 - Monday, February 4th 2013
Issue #9 - Monday, March 4th 2013
Issue #10 - Monday, April 8th 2013
Issue #11 - Monday, May 6th 2013
Issue #12 - Monday, June 3rd 2013

Subscriptions are available for $40 in Canada or the USA
or $50 for International readers. 
This offer stands until January 18th, 2012. Subscriptions include the cost of shipping. 

Subscriptions are now closed! Thank you to everyone who subscribed! 

DISTANCE MOVER is a science fiction story that follows the exploits of MR.EARTH and his Distance Mover, a vehicle capable of moving great distances. Come with Mr.Earth as he explores mysterious new civilizations in his fantastic travelling machine. 

 Each Issue is 16 pages + Cover, Printed personally by me at home using a Risograph RC6300. Here are some images from the first issue.

Previous Issues
As issues become out of print, they're put online to read for free. You can read issues #1-3 online here. Issues #4-6 are still available and can be purchased here.

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Thomas Maloney said...

I’m a big fan of science fiction comics and these look fabulous. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into each story, do you do all the drawings too? I produced a few comics based on superheroes myself a long time ago when at college in Brisbane and had a lot of fun doing it. Are there more to come?